advanced off-leash training

If you have always wanted to let your dog enjoy off-leash freedom then this board and train program is for you. Your dog will learn all of the skills necessary to be off-leash with you on hikes, beaches, or wherever your adventures take you.


As with our basic board and train program, your dog will receive 24/7 care in-home with the trainer. Aside from practice off-leash skills, your dog will work on basic obedience and leash manners.


Depending on the dog, off-leash training can take 2-3 weeks. When we meet for your free evaluation, we will be able to tell you which program is right for you and your dog. Our off-leash program includes your own e-collar system (we use the mini-educator by E-Collar Technologies*) and a 1 hour follow-up lesson after the board and train is complete. During the lesson, we will show you how to use the e-collar and go over everything you need to know to continue your dog's off-leash success.



2-3 weeks - $2,350 - $3,500 (+ $200 for an E-Collar)

*The collar included is the mini-educator by E-Collar Technologies, if you already own your own e-collar, there will be a reduction in price.