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Here at Northern K9, we always tailor our training programs to your dog and their needs. We don't use one set method of training to ensure that your dog has the personalization that they deserve in order to achieve the best results. 

Leash Manner
board and train

Does your dog need to learn leash manners? Then this board and train program is the perfect fit for you.

During the board and train, your dog will:

  • Learn to walk properly side by side with you on a walk

  • Practice socializing with other dogs

  • Practice crate training

  • Practice leash walking in real-world locations such as parks, pet stores, and more

The board and train will end with an included 1 hour private lesson to teach you how to continue your dog's training at home.


This program is not for dogs with any type of leash reactivity, separation anxiety, or other behavioral issues.



1 week board and train - $1,400

off leash & Obedience
board and train

Our most popular program! This 2 week program covers all general obedience but incorporates off leash training so the world can be your dog park. This includes coming when called, stay, sit, place, and more. Your dog will also learn all of the skills necessary to be off-leash with you on hikes, beaches, or wherever your adventures take you. This program is not suitable for dogs with serious aggression or behavioral issues.

The off leash portion of training requires the purchase of a mini educator remote. If you have previously purchased an ecollar or plan to purchase one prior to training, please let us know!

Program Cost:

2 Weeks - $2,400

Mini Educator - $200

One on one lessons

Prefer to work one on one with our trainer instead

of a board and train program? Now is your chance! We're now taking on a very limited amount of private lesson clients each month!

Private lesson packages are scheduled 2 weeks apart. 

One Time Lesson: $300

3 Lesson Package: $800

Puppy Program

Have a new puppy in the house and want to get them on the path to success early? Then our puppy 101 board and train is the perfect fit for you. We will have your dog understanding the basics in 10 days! 


The board and train will end with an included 1 hour private lesson to teach you how to continue your puppy's training at home.

This program is 9 nights, 10 days.


*For dogs 3-5 months


During the board and train, your dog will:

  • Learn to Sit

  • Learn to Stay

  • Have a jump start on potty training

  • Practice crate training

  • Have socialization with other dogs

  • Learn basic leash rules



10 day board and train - $1,800

behavior modification
board and train

This 2 to 3 week program is for dogs who are experiencing human or dog aggression, leash reactivity, or extreme separation anxiety. A day-to-day plan will be created for your dog to serve their needs which may include structured walks and hikes, trips to dog-friendly places to work on the behaviors in real world settings and appropriate interactions with other dogs depending on your dogs own needs and behaviors We will make the best plan for you and your dog to live a calmer and fulfilled life.

This program is for dogs who have:

  • Leash Reactivity

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Dog Aggression

  • Human Aggression


Program Cost:

2 Weeks - $2,700

3 Weeks - $4,000

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