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testimonials from our clients

Odessa, Google Review

I opted for the 2 week day program for my rescue Bull Terrier, Bean. I can’t express enough how this changed our lives! By the end of the session Bean was a changed dog and all for the better. She came to me at 2 years old, a sweet girl with a traumatic past and no manners. She is now a model doggy citizen and great off leash! I can’t thank Ashley enough for the amazing work that she does!

Haley, Facebook Review

CHANGED DOG. Our three-year-old bulldog/beagle rescue had a rough start to life and was pretty terrified of everything outside of the house. It was impossible for him to be around other dogs, and he would get so scared when taking walks that he would attempt to pull and run everywhere. On his first day of training with Northern K9, Ashley shared a picture of my dog looking alert and happy sitting right next to her dog. I almost cried. Fast forward three weeks and our pup is infinitely more confident and walks like a dream. Though we’re still working on his dog aggression, he can now be in the same space with other dogs (while leashed) and sit quietly. Ashley also did a great job of training my husband and me on what to do to keep up with the training and make sure we were reinforcing her work. We can’t say enough good things about Northern K9 and the service was worth every penny to have a happy, confident dog. Ashley was very responsive throughout the whole experience and her positive, friendly personality made it a pleasure to work with her.”

Alaina, Facebook Review

Thank you Ashley and Northern K9 for all the progress made with my dog, Maisie. Honestly, we were quite overwhelmed with some of her behavioral issues when we first adopted her - fear of people, high prey drive, etc. After going through the 8 day training program, we have seen so much progress! She knows how to heel now, her fear of people is noticeably less, she is not constantly trying to chase our chickens. This training program has helped us enjoy each other. And just as important - it has trained my fiancé and I on how to work with her. How to introduce people into our home, how to properly walk her, etc. It is a quality of life investment for everyone in our home. Thank you so much!! Two thumbs (or paws) up!

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